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Talent Acquisition seem never ending? Find better talent faster with Croocial

Croocial is putting social networks to work for you.  Our innovative incentive platform combined with the power of social connection means you’ll receive more applicants that are a better fit for your job.  You only pay the bounty if you hire an individual referred by the network.  Take back control of your talent acquisition spending and get better talent, guaranteed.

In just days, Croocial helped us fill a role that had been open for months.

It sounded too good to be true. But Croocial has proven its value over and over.

We were having no luck with our other postings, so we gave Croocial a chance. Success!

Why use tools with limitations?

Don’t limit your results to only those people your current employees know. Tap into the power of the entire social network through Croocial’s unique platform. Turn anyone and everyone into your recruiting team.


Talent Acquisition costs keep rising? Croocial gives you control.

You have 100% control over your spending. You decide the bounty that is right for you and for the position you’re posting. Each job you post can have a different bounty amount, allowing you to control your spend while prioritizing the role through the customized bounty. You only pay the bounty if you hire someone referral by Croocial.

Need fast results? How about hours instead of weeks.

Croocial works at the speed of social connection. Your job ends up in hundreds of inboxes almost instantly where the social network can help you identify those individuals who are a good fit and are interested in your job. In other words, the right someone. Add power, not cost, to your talent acquisition toolbox.


Paying too much for actions? Start paying for results, instead!

Why pay for shares, views, clicks, or applies. These are not results! Croocial lowers your cost per hire for talent acquisition because we put our money where our mouth is. When you post a job on Croocial, you only pay the bounty if you hire someone referred to you through Croocial. After all, why should you have to pay for activity, if doesn’t get you the talent you need?

Get the word out.

Let the world know you’re hiring. Sharing a new opening with your employees or followers is a good first step. But how do you reach those people who aren’t following you? Croocial. Our share-based referral system ensures that your job will reach more and better candidates outside your current network, resulting in faster hires of better candidates. Get signed up now, and experience the power for yourself.


Grow your company!

Finding the right talent, right when you need it is more difficult than ever. Let the power of Croocial’s referral network go to work for you, reaching more people, generating more buzz, creating a larger applicant pool, and gaining you more employees.

Just a few forward thinking companies using Croocial.

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