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Help your friends find jobs and earn money for charity.

How does Croocial work?

Finding the right person for the right job is getting more difficult. Companies must post jobs on many different static job boards and hope that the right person finds their job. Croocial is working to make it easier by allowing the job to find the right person through our unique social reward system.

Croocial’s crowd-sourcing platforms lets employers connect directly with people who may be interested in their jobs. Instead of paying to post a job, they offer that money to Croocial users. We share the job with friends who are a good fit and may be interested. When this sharing results in a hire, the unique referral string earns an equal share of the bounty as a reward.

A Croocial user who applies directly for the job and gets hired earns 100% of the Bounty. Refer a friend who gets hired for that job? Split the bounty between the two of you. If they refer someone who is instead hired, the three of you divvy up the bounty equally.

Refer as many people as you want. Each referral creates a unique string and creates more ways to earn a share of the bounty.

Starts with a Job Post

Employers post their jobs on Croocial and assign a bounty to each unique job. This bounty represents the actual dollars available to be earned by Croocial network as a reward.

The Kickoff

Croocial members receive a notification that a new job has been posted and it looks like a good one. Users can apply directly to the job via the posting company’s website using their standard application process.

If the user is hired, he has earned 100% of the bounty. A request for payment in the users’ dashboard, followed by a confirmation by the posting company completes the transaction.

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Gaining Momentum

Users can also refer others for the job. There is no limit to the number of friends with whom he can share the job. Each share creates a unique referral string. If one of the referrals apply for the job and get hired, the two friends split the bounty. When the company confirms the hire, each individual in the referral string is notified that they have earned a cash reward.

Exponential Sharing

Your friends are now free to apply for the job you shared, or refer their friends. Each referral continues the unique string. When the right individual sees the job, applies, and is hired, everyone in that string receives an equal share of the bounty.


How do I get started?

Register here to sign up, or if you are already a member, click the button below. Fill out a few Tags in your profile to tell Croocial what you might be interested in, then watch your email for notifications of new jobs. Remember, you can refer anyone for any job.

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