Conversations that Convert!

Here's the ugly truth about outbound lead generation:

Cold outreach works, but it has three major challenges:

1.  In 2024, the success rate of traditional cold outreach campaigns is under 1%.
2.  Nobody wants to do cold outreach, so staff turnover for these roles is incredibly high.
2.  No one likes receiving cold calls, cold emails or cold social cut-and-paste DMs.

AI and automation is only making it worse.   More spam, faster, with less personalization is making prospects practically impossible to reach using traditional methods.

It's Time For A New Approach

We went looking for unconventional methods that relied on personalized interaction, human connection and authentic engagement. 

We spent several years testing different ways to find and engage new prospects, looking for a way to provide what business owners have always said they wanted:  a pay for performance lead generation service that made a good first impression for a brand while not breaking the bank.

We found it. 

The key to success was collaborative content creation.

Creating content with business owners and leaders is a powerful way to initiate conversations and turn those conversations into high-quality leads.    We use these collaborative content engagements to build large networks of business owners, and connect them to other thought leaders when it makes sense to do so!  This creates a qualified lead that will feel much more like a referral from a peer than a cold sales meeting.

We offer two types of pay per lead programs:

1.  Targeted campaigns generating leads only for you and your business.
2.  Generic campaigns generating leads distributed to clients as they're identified.

Both programs require a paid sales and marketing assessment.  The results of this assessment are yours to keep.  You may choose not to proceed after we identify sales or marketing challenges that would impede the success of the program. It will help both of us determine whether or not pay for performance lead generation will work for you, and it will also help us determine the cost per lead you can expect moving forward.

How Does It Work?

By crafting valuable and engaging content with business owners, Croocial begins relationships with business owners, and those relationships naturally lead to the exchange of ideas and referrals.   Introducing thought leaders who can solve business problems together just makes sense.  

Our process builds credibility and trust, while it encourages interaction and engagement, leading to meaningful conversations that  ultimately result in successful first time conversations with our clients.

By understanding your prospects and creating content with them instead of for them, Croocial generates a steady stream of opportunities.

The conversations we schedule for our clients are a byproduct of our content creation process. 
We don't use any high-pressure cold sales tactics.  We only connect qualified contacts who have clearly stated they're interested in meeting with you.

The thought leaders we introduce to our clients share the following traits:

1.  They've asked us to make an introduction to a professional provider.
2.  They have a problem you can solve, and they're actively looking for a solution.
3.  They're evaluating their options now.
4.  They are the business owner.

Review the lead before you pay for it!

You'll receive a briefing memo before determining whether or not you'd like to accept the conversation.  
Then, you'll pay for the lead and we'll calendar the conversation.
Conversations are recorded and analyzed using AI so that everyone (you, us, the prospect) receives a summary of the conversation.  

Join us and experience the difference!

With Croocial, your "leads" are much closer to referrals than they are to cold sales meetings, and the conversations reflect this.  If you hate cold calling, cold emailing and paying your lead generation agency even when they're failing to produce results, you're going to like working with Croocial!

If you're interested in learning more about our pay for performance services, schedule an intake call, or leave us a voicemail right here on the site - don't forget to leave a good phone number to reach you at, the time you prefer to be called, or an email address (spell it please!) that you'd like to be contacted at.
(We don't respond to anonymous enquiries, please use your business email if you want a reply!)

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