Pay Per Lead Marketing Solutions

Pay per lead marketing with no contracts and no minimums. 

Review each lead before you pay for it.

Croocial is a pay per lead marketing company where you pay only for the leads you want, with no contracts and no minimums. 

Buy one lead at a time, or buy a block of leads to ensure you have steady deal flow.

We're a new kind of pay per lead marketing agency that offers you the opportunity to pay only for conversations that genuinely enhance your sales funnel.  Our specialized pay per lead strategy is designed to connect your brand with only your named prospects, ensuring every penny of your lead generation budget is an investment towards tangible results. 

Experience the unparalleled benefits of our convenient pay per lead approach.

Croocial prioritizes your ROI and respects your time and budget. Order one lead at a time, review the details of any lead before you accept it. 

After you have the conversation, decide if you'd like to buy another lead.   

Our team works on pay per lead requests in the order in which they are received - we make no guarantee of timelines for delivery.  If you have not received a lead within 90 days, you may request the return of your lead retainer.

Meet the Founder of Croocial

Carrie Richardson

Carrie Richardson is an elite lead generation gun-for-hire.  With two successful marketing agency exits and over 2000 companies supported over her 30 year career,  she is considered by many to be the best freelance hunter in the technology space.  Her genius zone is high-value one-to-one prospecting, and she enjoys facilitating the first time conversations that begin important business relationships.  

Work With Carrie

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Carrie Knows:
The Problem with Lead Generation

Navigating a commoditized market flooded with aggressive sales tactics, you need aim genuine connections, not just leads. 

You're fed up with costly, poor-performing lead generation agencies that experience high staff turnover, don't understand your business and schedule meetings that are a waste of your time.  To add insult to injury, they get paid even if they don't perform.

We know the truth:  real growth is built on authentic conversations, not forceful, poorly executed cold pitches and never-ending automated spam.  

Our approach prioritizes genuine engagement to begin meaningful relationships, offering a welcome antidote to the high costs, inadequate training and prohibitive contracts that plague the industry. 

Let's redefine success together. At Croocial a "lead" is a meaningful first time conversation with one of your highest value prospects.  Your first interaction should be welcome by both parties, and an invitation to begin laying the foundation for a business relationship.

Ready to Pay Per Lead?

It's as easy as one, two three!

Step One:

Click here to schedule your complimentary discovery call.

Not all companies will be a good fit for pay per lead engagements.
Since we only get paid for success, we need to ensure we can be successful.

We'll ask a lot of questions, and we hope you have some for us, to!

Step Two:

Complete your sales and marketing assessment.
Determine your per lead price, or determine we're not a fit.

We're going to review your sales and marketing processes, collect your  sales and marketing collateral, price your leads, and build your campaign. 

You'll have some work to do identifying who you want us talking to, and what you want us saying!

Step Three:

Pay For your first lead.

When everything is exactly how we both want it, you'll pay for your first lead.  We'll get to work.  When we find a lead, we'll give you a full overview.  You accept or decline.  If you accept, we have fulfilled our commitment to you.  If you liked the conversation, order another!

Get Started Today!

We take pay per lead clients on a first come, first served basis, and we work on one lead at a time.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll have new leads.  You can leave us a voicemail right here on the site, just click the "start recording" button.  Alternately, fill out the form - or find our phone number at the top of the website and just give us a call!

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