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The social referral platform that's changing recruiting.

The bounty-powered social referral network.

Croocial is putting social networks to work for good.  By combining our innovative incentive platform with the power of social connection, our users can earn money for themselves or for charity by helping their friends find jobs.

In just days, Croocial helped us fill a role that had been open for months.

It sounded too good to be true. But Croocial has proven its value over and over.

We were having no luck with our other postings, so we gave Croocial a chance. Success!

How Croocial Works

Jobs are posted with a bounty attached. This bounty represents money available to the Croocial network to help companies fill their open position. Users can apply directly for these jobs, and earn 100% of the bounty, or refer others for the job and earn a portion of the bounty.  The bounty is split equally through the unique referral string.


Use Croocial to lower your talent acquisition costs.

Join the forward thinking companies already using Croocial’s social referral platform to reduce their talent acquisition costs and increase the volume and quality of their applicant pool. You retain 100% control over the size of the bounty you offer for each position and only pay that bounty if you hire someone referred by Croocial.

No other platform, tool, or service gives that level of control. Reduce your costs and take back control of your spend!

We're changing recruiting. Our Partners are changing the world.

Croocial has partnered with charities whose mission is to make the world better. Every day, these unsung heroes fight cancer, care for children, assist veterans, protect innocent animals, feed the hungry. Don’t we owe it to them to help? Join Croocial and help earn money for the charity of your choice. Just a few minutes of your time is an invaluable resource for these amazing organizations.

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